A new song, with an animated video.

You can listen to it in the demo section, or watch it on youtube:

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Demo - Dark discovery

Welcome to the dark side mwaa haa haaa! Yep I'm still working on some movie's sounds, enjoy! :)

You can listen to it in the demo section, or here with this player:

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New album published : Video Game Remixes

With my fresh new website, I started doing a work on my past music. As many creatives, it's always hard to find the energy to publish, we always feel something is missing, making our stuffs incomplete. I want to overcome this feeling, and I started remastering some of my tracks with the goal to publish them.

Today's songs are covers, and this album is not meant to be completed as I'm possibly going to make more video game music covers, but I am going to release a 10 track album with my own creations during the coming week. Stay tuned!

You can listen to it, download it and buy it on the following streaming services & stores:

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New website

A fresh start!

With a responsive design and many features, I hope this place will be a good way to share my upcoming creations with you! 

I am actually preparing a remaster of some of my old songs, hoping to publish an album with them. Stay tuned!