Music lover

Music has been the most important thing in my life, since I'm a new born. My parents had their own band, doing rehearsals frequently, music was present and was following me on each steps of my childhood. I learnt piano for one or two years but lessons weren't the kind of thing that I liked to find in the sound, because I'm looking for freedom through it. I stopped learning the technic at this moment, making a pause in my music learning, but I was still very interested in listening and discovering the huge diversity of styles present all around the world. From classical music, to heavy rock, going through funk, rap, ska, reggae, dub, electronic and many more, every kind of style made my ears opened, as long as the songs are made with heart.

Now it's been 10 years that I started back to learn instruments and practicing every day. My main instruments are guitar, piano and my voice, but I spend hours composing on computer, because this a wonderful tool that allow us to explore and use all kind of sounds and instruments.

Anxious Cat

Anxious Cat is the name of my band in Bordeaux, previously named "18 St. James Street", it is for me the most meaningful experience I ever had with music. It is centered on two musicians, Axel and me, but many others have joined sometimes, as they wish, such as John, Miles, Clara, Mathilde... Our way of creation is simple, we have no fixed rules regarding the method, we can explore any style, and even when a song look like to be composed and finished we always let a big part of improvisation inside. The freestyle is our creed, when composing, when playing for us or on stage, at every step we go with the flow of a musical energy between us.

Job offers

My main quality is that I can adapt myself to any style and any request, on any support (commercials, movies, web videos, video games...). I love to create under duress and I already have experienced composing as a job in the past (have a look at the TV projects section of this website). I actually live in Hong Kong but I also can work by e-mail.

If you feel interested in my work you can contact me for further exchanges regarding your enquiries.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."

Friedrich Nietzsche



Spleen infini (Encarcelarse)


Día raro (Improvisación)

8 beat it - electrophagie

Time Shift

Face à soi

Heart Attack - MaShUp - Mogwai vs. múm

Djebels - Ma vie


  TV projects

SnowBrand commercial

Music composed by MooX with MoJi production All right reserved Produced by: http://www.mutualworkshop.com

先施呈獻: Fashion Seoul大激戰

韓流直捲時尚工業,大家對韓流的支持亦有增無減。  究竟你對韓風有多熟悉?  你知不知道透過那個渠道引入韓國潮服?  你可有想像自己有機會當上韓國潮流時裝買手? 先施今年破天荒與香港理工大學紡織及製衣學系及NowTV觀星台攜手炮製首個時裝買手真人Show-「Fashion Seoul大激戰」,透過學生們最真實一面將過程逐寸呈現。 想了解更多節目內容,請緊貼先施及NowTV觀星台「Fashion Seoul大激戰」,節目將於5月5日起連續6個星期一晚上9時正於NowTV 102觀星台播放。

  Personal work

Enora Lalet - Legs

http://www.enoralalet.com/ Music by MooX, free download available here: https://soundcloud.com/themoox/legs

Tom Plouf - Ensemble partout

http://tomplouf.free.fr MoJi Productions Directed by Jinny Lau & MooX Music by MooX: https://soundcloud.com/themoox/tom-plouf-ensemble-partout


Another funny cat video, this time with original song :D Download the song: https://soundcloud.com/themoox/c-tone Directed by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch MoJi production

Another sound trippin'

MoJi production Crazy direction by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch


http://moox-creation.blogspot.com/2012/03/mars-2012-nouvel-album.html Aujourd'hui je partage avec vous le fruit de mon travail, élaboré durant une semaine et demi, depuis que j'ai reçu ma nouvelle carte son. Il s'agit d'un défit personnel que je m'étais lancé, faire un petit album d'une trentaine de minute en un minimum de temps, je l'ai ainsi commencé le jeudi 15 mars pour le terminer aujourd'hui lundi 26. J'ai fait en sorte qu'il y ait une évolution entre les sons, ceux-ci sont de styles différents mais ont une inspiration commune, mon vécu. Ma méthode de travail est simple, je pars en impro avec ma guitare ou mon synthé avec des instruments virtuels puis j'organise l'instrumentale autour de cette impro, avec d'autres impros. Certains pistes sont complexes (spleen infini) d'autres beaucoup moins (dia raro est réalisée en deux prises, sans retouche). Vous l'aurez compris, il s'agissait pour moi d'une performance à réaliser, un but à atteindre que je m'étais fixé pour me tester, voir jusqu'où mon impro pouvait me mener. J'espère que vous apprécierez l'écouter autant que moi à le faire, maintenant je peux aller faire des nuits normales car comme vous devez vous en douter je n'ai pas beaucoup dormi, entre la fac et les relations sociales il fallait bien trouver du temps pour travailler :) Si vous aimez partagez pour me soutenir! N'hésitez pas à visiter mon soundcloud pour voir le reste de mes créations: http://soundcloud.com/themoox de plus vous pouvez voir mes paroles dans les descriptions des chansons.

Tetris - Ska/Jazz Mix

Un petit trip de ma part sur la bonne vielle musique de Tetris!

  Live play

Lueur d'espoir

Moji production Directed by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch

Vielle France - Anxious Cat à l'Ours Marin

Merci à Laurent et à Clo pour les photos et vidéos. Ecriture et composition: MooX Basse: John Guitare électrique: Axel Guitare folk et chant: MooX


Directed by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch

Sad night

Directed by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch


Directed by Jinny Lau: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKWy3eo0fxjK4JFvjcs73Q?feature=watch





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